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Srobreč – the history of Stobreč

Stobreč (Italian: Stobrezio, Latin: Epetium, Greek: Επιδαυρος (Epidauros) is a historical town, now village in Croatia located near Split and Solin. In modern times, Stobreč is considered ...

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Trogir – Romanesque Town Centre

The old town centre is surrounded by walls and features a well-preserved castle, tower and numerous other buildings and palaces dating from the Roman, Gothic and Baroque periods. The town has been add ...

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River Cetina – rafting and canoeing enthusiasts

At the foot of Dinara, Croatia’s highest mountain, flows the River Cetina, linking Vrlika, Sinj, Trilj and Omiš along its 105-kilometre course. The sparkling waters of the Cetina particularly appea ...

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How to reach Stobreč – by Car, Train , Boat, Airplane

Stobrec is a town on a peninsula only seven kilometers from Split, it is easily accessible by Car, Train , Boat, airplane ... if you are coming by train, the main train station is in city Split appro ...

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Croatia’s 7 Unesco heritage

If you do a lot of sightseeing, chances are you’re familiar with UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list, a compilation of exceptionally significant historic and cultural sites across the globe. “Heri ...

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